Discover the Solutions for the Recovery you Deserve

Our mission is "making life possible". It is to support and guide guest to live a fulfilled life in the present moment. Our new advanced therapeutic model used at our Boutique Clinics, involves a tailored made programme for the individual needs of each guest.

We believe that our guests have not consciously chosen to become addicted. But they are responsible for recovery and for choosing the right treatment for sustainable recovery.

We promote personal development and assist individuals to accept responsibility for their own choices.

Our primary purpose is to introduce guests to a long-lasting recovery. We treat many disorders from chemical, behavioural or emotional issues for men and women.

Believe in You! Change Your Life.


Take control of your life again.

The cause and underlying history of his condition is different for each person. Our approach is therefore not standard but completely tailored to your situation. Our treatment team will develop a specific program for you after your first consultation.

You are just a phone call away from a treatment at VillaRamadas GGZ. We have short waiting times.